Do you print photographic backlit posters

Yes, we use a high quality waterproof film that has excellent colour reproduction.

Do you print Wallpaper?

A. Yes, we print material that is textile based. Two are available, one designed to be applied in the traditional method using wallpaper paste and another that is self adhesive and designed for walls that are used for advertising and promotions

Q. Do you run PC’s or MAC’s?

A. We only run a network PC’s with dual screens

Q. Can you use Microsoft Publisher Files?

A. No, Publisher files are really only designed to work in the Microsoft suite of desktop publishing files.

Q. Can you print a sign designed using a word processing program?

A. No, because word processing software only use a primitive graphics interface and was never designed for dedicated graphic applications.

Q. How do I save my data for you to print?

A. Export your file as a hi res pdf file, all fonts converted to curves & in CMYK format. If your artwork looks OK at 100% on your monitor, send it. If it looks pixelated on screen at 100%, then it will print pixelated too.

Q. Do you print banners?

A. Yes. Back lit, Front lit, Exhibition, Doublesided, Temporary,Heavy weight and Block out banners are all stocked and produced, with the option of Kedar, sail track or ropes and eyelets.

Q. Do you do sign audits?

A. We use and recommend for all our sign and sign safety audits.

Q. Do you fit interstate?

A. Yes. We have a network of experienced fitters in most capital cities in Australia. Our Brisbane staff also travel interstate for fleet contracts, Bus wrapping and large sign contracts.

Q. Do you outsource any signage?

A. If we are busy we may subcontract some of our prints to other wholesalers within Australia, but this is rare. We also contract out our banner finishing if we can’t do it in-house due to workload.

Q. Do you get your signs printed in China or India?

A. No, all our signs are printed either inhouse by us or by other Australian Contractors that take up our overflow in our busy periods.

Q. Will you fit signs I have had produced elsewhere?

A. Yes, we provide contract fitters to the sign industry. However, we accept no responsibility for the finished result if the incorrect materials are used, or the measurements are wrong.

Q. Do you supply wholesale clients?

A. Yes we do. We are a contract and wholesale printer for the sign and photographic industries. We require written orders on a company letterhead, quoting an ABN number to qualify for wholesale pricing

Q. Do you repair photos before printing them?

A. No, we refer this sort of work to companies like as they are industry leaders in this field and have an excellent online portal. They have an office in Australia.

Q. Do you print on Canvas?

A. Yes, we use canvas products with high white points for better colour reproduction.

Q. Do you print on Photo Paper?

A. Yes, we print on several styles of Photo Paper.

Q. Do you do exhibition Signage?

A. Yes, we stock, print and supply 600mm x 1600mm X frames for shopping centers, 850mm x 2050mm Pull up Banners and free standing 600mm x 900mm A Frames and 900mm x 1200mm T Frames. We also print custom full colour banners of any size.

Q. What is the minimum qty of stickers that you’ll do?

A. One. We have a minimum charge of $25.00 plus gst though.

Q. Do you do small die cut stickers?

A. Yes, short run die cut stickers are one of our specialties.

Q. Do you have a dedicated design department?

A. We do have a junior designer on staff to do mock ups of your concepts, but we generally direct detailed artwork to our contract graphic artists for corporate or branding contracts. We ask clients deal directly with these designers to save time.

Q. Do you have a minimum charge?

A. Yes. $25.00 plus gst

Q. Can you print on reflective material?

A. Yes, we use 3M class 2 reflective almost exclusively when printing reflective material.

Q. Can I get a test print before proceeding?

A. Yes, we can do a test print if requested.

Q. Can you print pantone colours?

A. Our HP and Roland printers are all Pantone calibrated but, if it is of life and death importance, we’d print a sample for your approval before going to print.

Q. What resolution do you print?

A. Signage to be viewed at 300dpi is the ideal for posters and photo's, but 72dpi is more realistic for signage in terms of file size and print speed. Billboards high in the sky would be acceptable at 20dpi.

Q. What software do you use?

A. Internally, our designs are produced using Coreldraw, but most graphics are supplied to us in editable PDF format as it is an industry standard.

Q. Will you print my own design?

A. Yes, as long as it is supplied in the manner we require to get the best result and fits in with our work flow.

Q. You sell a few brands. Do you prefer one brand over another?

A. We are primarily a dedicated 3M shop, but if another brand has a better product for the use you require, we will not hesitate to suggest that material if it suits your situation better.

Q. Can you wrap or sign plastic products like Otto bins?

A. Yes, but we need to use a product specifically manufactured for low surface energy products. It is usually more expensive, but can be done. Some councils do not permit signage on their bins, so it would pay to check first.

Q. What are ACM and ACP?

A. It is an industry abbreviation for the same product – Aluminum Composite Material or Aluminum Composite Panel. It is the latest substrate used for signage. Many grades and colours are available and is used for general signage and building cladding.

Q. Should I laminate my prints?

A. Short term promotional signage doesn't require laminate. For signage designed to be on display for longer than 3 months, lamination is suggested. If the product is accessible to human contact, lamination may be worth considering to help prevent damage.

Q. Should I wrap or sign the roof or bonnet of my vehicle?

A. In short, no. Realistically people may want these areas signed or wrapped. Manufacturers do not offer or imply warranty on these areas in Australia as it gets full UV 100% of the day. Replacing these sections every 12 months will avoid paint damage.

Q. Will it damage the paint?

A. Not if the paint is sound. A repaired vehicle will depend on the preparation of the re-spray. A repaired area should be left for a minimum of 2 weeks before re-signing a re-sprayed panel, or before any wrap is applied.

Q. Will any adhesive be left on removal of a vehicle wrap?

A. Most manufacturers consider at least 70% of the adhesive will be removed without leaving any adhesive behind, if it is called 'removable'. In reality, the cheaper the product used, the more likely adhesive will be left. You get what you pay for.

Q. How easy is it to remove when you want to sell the vehicle?

A. Premium quality products are usually removable within 2 years without leaving adhesive residue. It does depend on how the vehicle is treated as to how easy the material comes off. We use products designed to come off without doing any damage.

Q. Can you remove the signs and install on another vehicle?

A. No, it is a single use product.

Q. How long does the printed material last?

A. How the surface is maintained is a big factor. A vehicle that is washed and garaged regularly will last a lot longer than a vehicle that is in the weather 24/7 and not cleaned regularly. 2 years would be a minimum under most situations.

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